The Difference between Dying, Resurrection and Ascension

Resurrection and Ascension

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These tools were connected with resurrection, not ascension. (Excerpt from pdf file)
There’s a difference between the two. What is the difference? First of all, there’s dying, a process where you go into the void state immediately after death. You’re unconscious, unaware of the dying process to the degree that you have no control over the images. This way of dying takes you into the third overtone of the fourth dimension, which results in your cycling back into this Earth existence again and again—reincarnation. Because you’re unconscious in this cycle, you’re not using your Mer-Ka-Ba except unconsciously, so once you get to the other side, you don’t have any memories of this side. When you reincarnate back to Earth again, you don’t have any memories of where you just came from, either. So the reincarnating just keeps going on and on. It’s a lot of energy moving very slowly. You eventually get through it, but it’s a very slow process.merkabah
When you go through resurrection, you’re aware and conscious of your Mer-Ka-Ba, though usually you don’t become fully aware of it until after you die. You die, you drop the body and then you become aware of your Mer-Ka-Ba. Then you re-create your body and go through a process that leads you into either the tenth, eleventh or twelfth overtone of the fourth dimension. From there you don’t go through reincarnation anymore. Your memory is never blocked again and you continue on into eternal life.
There’s a big difference between dying and resurrection, but there’s an even greater difference in ascension—which is now possible, since the grid was completed in 1989. Ascension was highly unlikely until this grid was complete. In ascension you don’t die at all; there’s no death process involved as we know it. Of course, it is true that you no longer are on Earth, and from that point of view, you die. What happens is, you simply become aware of your Mer-Ka-Bflower2a one way or another—either remembering it on your own, being taught it or however it happens to you. This means you become aware of your body as light. Then you’re able to pass through the Void totally consciously—from the Earth side through the Void to the higher dimensions, aware the whole time. In this way you simply walk out of this life without going through the death process, which involves reconstructing your human body. When a person ascends, he/she simply disappears from this
dimension and reappears in the next, passing through the Void.
Ascension is now completely possible, and this book is one possible set of instructions on exactly how to accomplish this process. You personally might not pass through ascension; you might actually die or go through resurrection. It doesn’t make much difference at flower1this point in the game of life on planet Earth, because if you die in the normal manner, you’ll go into the third overtone and into a holding pattern for a while.

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