Don’t Just Talk About It

People have been going to church, attending bible classes, and posting in discussion groups for a long time. At some point, it is time to step up to the plate and do the work. I never trusted anyone on the present earth to give me information that I expected would have their personal slant in it for me to surrender my life to. This is what originally caused me to ask for forgiveness and guidance.
I specifically asked for Jesus and Archangel Michael to guide and lead me in this process.  I then surrendered into the experience to see what would happen. This is not easy……… but it is worth it once you get far enough along and stay with it. Your life will change and you will die to what you used to know and do. But it will be ok. Only people in communion with Christ and who specifically ask for His guidance, will receive it in a personal way for them to understand and move forward on an individual basis.
There will be many days where you will wonder why you are doing it, but you are being shown the way into higher consciousness and out of this lower consciousness prison. Friends and family will persecute you and try to get you mental help but stay your ground and at times, hold your tongue. Pray for them. You will stay with it because you know what the final outcome will be for yourself, and unfortunately for others who choose not to do this to finalization. Find all the information you are led to and find a way of maintaining balance. Don’t let all of those individuals who make fun of meditation, affirmations, etc. lead you astray including all of the movies that reflect and poke fun of it. Pray for those in lower consciousness who just don’t know better yet.
Do it in private and when ready:
“Come out from them (those in lower consciousness) and be separate, says the Lord. Touch no unclean
thing, and I will receive you.”
This means friends, family, church friends and many others including workplace scenarios also. Once you recognize this meaning when you are far enough along, it must be done for further growth. This will be the sheep and goats separation, although no one ever believes they are a “goat”.
The bottom line is “Do the Work”. Stop just talking about it!

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