And No One Wants to Believe That They Might Be a Goat.

And no one wants to believe that they might be a goat.

All the nations will be gathered before him, and he will separate the people one from another as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats. He will put the sheep (higher consciousness) on his right and the goats (lower consciousness) on his left (this separation will be in accordance with a person’s vibrational resonance). – The Sheep and the Goats


In the resurrection of the body (body and spirit made whole), they are assigned to different degrees of glory commensurate with the law they have obeyed.
Degrees of Glory – Joseph Smith. There are three (3) kingdoms of glory:
  1. celestial (5th dimension unity Christ Consciousness – All who attain this kingdom “shall dwell in the presence of God and his Christ forever and ever”),
  2. terrestrial (4th dimension unity and duality consciousness), and the
  3. telestial (3rd dimension duality consciousness “dead in Christ”).
The apostle Paul spoke of three glories, differing from one another as the sun, moon, and stars differ in brilliance. (this all occurs after spiritual rebirth and personal judgment while in a resurrected physical body through a person’s achieved level of consciousness whether a person is aware of it or not (spiritually alive or “dead” during life)). While in the body, those at the lower levels perceive everyone as being the same with only good or bad distinctions. Those at higher levels are at awareness levels that allow spiritual “sight” to occur that allows life to be lived in an ascended viewpoint, although others won’t be able to tell the difference besides a lack to impose karma on others if they’re paying enough attention to that trait. These individuals will also be serving others in ways that might not be visually noticeable but in alignment with their soul goals.
Final end times judgment occurs later after all have been exposed and preached to about the Gospel.
Everyone currently on Earth exists within one of these conscious kingdoms. Those who haven’t resurrected their Spirit in present life, are living at their previously attained level of achievement. Just like education, a person needs to obtain each level by advancing through them. They will not understand higher levels or even their existence until after living through them and moving forward through them. A person can tell where they currently fall by their current understanding of these kingdoms to decide whether to change from one to another while in their present life by working towards it up through their personal tribulation opportunity. Because of string theory, a person will naturally migrate to others within these groups as they progress and evolve into their desired state of consciousness. It will be hard to remain within past relationships until others reach the same frequencies if they choose to. A person can achieve spiritual peace once they achieve these higher consciousness levels even without having materialistic wealth. After a person reaches their desired consciousness state, they would also reach at some point their required materialism needed to continue forward for manifesting their goals in the way provided from within unity consciousness and the natural laws governing it (exp. In lower consciousness, following Ten Commandments is not a requirement, but is within higher consciousness).
“Just as people are destined to die once (natural state death), and after that to face (immediate personal) judgment.” Hebrews 9:27
“Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death (1st death-natural state death) of his
faithful servants”. Psalm116:15
A conscious and focused effort to move into higher states can lead to incredible leaps of awareness in relatively short periods of time (exp. personal tribulation opportunity). Most will stay within a very similar consciousness state throughout their life just trying to make it through without ever being aware of the different obtainable levels found within a multi-dimensional physical body.


And no one wants to believe that they might be a goat.




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