Will Reduce More Than 75% of All Life

In the futurist view of Christian eschatology, the Great Tribulation is a relatively short period of time where anyone who chose not to follow Jesus (full surrender up to a complete tribulation period by individual choice) up until they are raptured (into higher consciousness) will be left in lower consciousness, outside of Jesus and His Kingdom. They will experience worldwide hardships, disasters, famine, war, pain, and suffering, which will wipe out more than 75% of all life (both animal and human life who’s resonance isn’t high enough to reside within higher consciousness levels peacefully) on the (ascending) earth before the Second Coming takes place. This will take place in many different ways through many tests outside of wars to include health issues, poverty, greed, drug misuse, homicides, and many other day to day type of challenges to see what level of consciousness people are currently residing in and how they deal with their tests. Some of these tests will lead to an early death, and some will just play out until a normal way to exit occurs. These tests will determine who can continue in the Kingdom in physical form compared to those who will not be allowed to return into a higher consciousness world and must go to the lower consciousness world similar to the old earth. This is the judgement that has been described within the Bible for those who have made themselves ready for continuation past their lower consciousness physical life. A person by now will either be ready or would have wasted their chances during physical life(times) and that process of surrender into a full tribulation to expand their consciousness that was given to everyone will have been exhausted.
By raising consciousness levels, disciples are able to reside in the Christ Kingdom that currently exists side by side with the old earth and is continuing to add members who choose to awaken their Christ Spirit. The “new earth” is a more spiritual place and it is a requirement for those wanting to experience that level of physical life. A person’s personal tribulation will show them how to do this by daily surrender to see what and how items come into their life. Everyone has already had multiple chances to start this process with some sort of challenge, even though most are deceived into thinking it is just a change occurring to their present life to push past. The Great Tribulation will be when there is enough people who have already switched into unity consciousness through their tribulation period putting stress into the world for the rest of those who have chosen not to do this.
Those not interested in doing this, will be consciously and subconsciously deciding not to continue on in this path being satisfied in their current consciousness. The lower consciousness earth already exists for those who only want minor changes including those committing murders to those giving to charities but having the common thread of never resurrecting their Christ Spirit. By awakening a person’s Christ Spirit, it allows inner knowledge that makes a person aware of how to proceed and stay in higher consciousness even after shifting back into a more grounded life after this personal tribulation period is over. Those who remain the same must leave due to the new natural laws that are required to live within this level of consciousness taught during a person’s tribulation period. If an individual decides not to go through this training period, they must leave this “new earth” to find another place that fits their current achieved state of consciousness. This will be the wiping out of the 75%. They will just be leaving this earth by physical death to go elsewhere by a death that allows others who are still here, to fit within their beliefs on ways of exiting this earth. In their next life, they will start again from an unconscious state so will not be aware that this separation ever took place. It will once again, just be something read about in a book that doesn’t really affect a person’s immediate life since at that point of permanent separation, it will then be irrelevant.
As energy levels continue to increase in an ascending earth, activities related to darkness will come to the surface and will need to be cleared out since they cannot be sustained in the new environment. This is currently happening in many different areas of activities involving countries, celebrities, increases in mental instabilities, and others. Everyone involved with these lower consciousness activities will have them revealed and will have to deal with them to move forward. This will continue to cause more and more stress into current society until they are all released. Those individuals associated with these activities will also need to adjust their ways or will not be able to survive in this new world and will need to move on at some point. Without spiritual knowledge, they more than likely will not know how to do this.
The reality of the Second Coming is the current earth’s ascension into the Christ Consciousness Kingdom that Jesus established at His resurrection. The wiping out of the 75% will basically just leave those who have worked into higher consciousness an ascended world to experience physical life in with others of that same resonance. The others who don’t increase into higher consciousness, will unconsciously incarnate again into a lower consciousness realm to continue their lives within a very similar structure that they left and are comfortable in regardless of the fear and violence that is prevalent there. It will be an individual choice to surrender and follow Jesus into His ascended enlightened world by learning through a full tribulation period. Otherwise, they can remain the same to continue physical reality within a lower consciousness environment that will probably continue to deteriorate (what some would call eternal damnation although it is by personal choice) .
“Do not live according to the customs of the people I am driving out before you. It is because they do these shameful things that I detest them.” Leviticus 20:23
The Bible says that good works do not make us acceptable to God. In other words, a person can live to a high moral standard, give money to feed the poor, go to church, and serve their neighbors, and yet not be what is considered a follower of Jesus, a Christian (more of a religious label), or Believer. They still must surrender and work towards spiritual resurrection by following Jesus in order to get into the Kingdom by way of higher consciousness. This is a process that is accomplished during physical life. If a person doesn’t understand this, they would need to continue seeking with sincerity and heart to find out how.
“You will seek me and find me, when you seek me with all your heart.” Jeremiah 29:13
(Part time seeking, results in part time outcomes and results)
“Unless there is a feeling at some level of our being that continually fuels our seeking, the energy will not be present to manifest what we desire and seek.”(Finish your Tribulation period fully!)

13 thoughts on “Will Reduce More Than 75% of All Life

  1. Then why does it say the dead in CHRIST shall rise first and those who are left on the Earth will meet Him in the Air? That doesn’t follow your logic if the ‘dead in CHRIST’ are believers with no ascended conscience…how can they ‘rise first’? That would be totally contradictory. And if those who are ‘left on the Earth ‘rise to meet Him’ that would not make sense because they are simply left on the Earth but yet somehow ascend?

    1. I attended regular church with my family for over 20 years and would have considered myself a believer. Until my consciousness was raised (raptured), I actually only then understood that I really never was a Christian. So I was dead in Christ even though nobody would have been able to tell me that. I think many people fall into my category. It forced me to seek to understand what had happened which led me to Hawkins scale of consciousness. This seemed to correspond to different breakthroughs in my journey that I seemed to pass while I was focused on them. I think that if the Mayans were right in calculating the end of the old age (12.21.12) then everyone is in their last physical lifetime to increase to appropriate levels to either enter the new earth or stay in the old earth. So those not making the cut, will leave the earth now in some way and challenge, which then leaves only those who remain on the earth, with Jesus in higher consciousness until all of us are finally at the energy levels that Christ reappears to us in physical form that we are capable of also being in. A higher spiritual energy level that also encompasses our bodies at that time. Until then, it is our consciousness that ascends first.

  2. What about people born today? It’s past 2012. I think it is the new way of life. Transhumanism. Did you know that the government (s) want to start microchipping all infants as they are born in the hospital? Pretty sick.

    1. yes….very disheartening. People born after 2012 will still be in their last lifetime to increase spiritually into the necessary levels to obtain the Kingdom, just like those before. Some say that people born in these later years already are more advanced souls with higher vibrations that are coming in to increase the energy at this time.This might also encompass those who helped Jesus with others prior and are in a purgatory state to see if they push through those levels at this time. Those who cannot incarnate into these new higher energies, cannot be reborn into this reality anymore and will either no longer have physical lives or will go to the other similar earth type reality with souls of the same vibratory level. But regardless of when we are born, we will have to be cleansed during our lifetime and conquer certain items that we incarnate to learn and get past. I would say that I am not in the reality I would like to be in, when others are able to continue to perform karma on people that they are not requesting, since in a higher consciousness world, there would only be peace and bliss since everyone who is allowed there has to live within the rules of that world. So this one, must still have those in transition for final judgment.

  3. Also, I don’t care how ascended people *think* they are, 550 or above…it won’t matter if they willingly choose the PHYSICAL Mark of the Beast. I guarantee that they have lost their souls. It is a PHYSICAL thing because the Bible says no man can buy sell or trade. That is NOT simply an allegory. That is a prophecy. It marks the end of the old world and the start of the WORLD WIDE tribulation period. If one has not gone through a PERSONAL tribulation, this will test their souls and their true alliance will be revealed. Many will be killed during this time and it is in the very near future. Like tomorrow, pretty much…but the Temple hasn’t been rebuilt…

    1. Yes, it is about souls. The mark of the beast is also spoken about the forehead, and this to me encompasses enlightenment or what I will call higher consciousness. And I do think people are in the process through the goats and sheep separation that is now dividing the world, while on an everyday basis taking souls off this earth to go wherever they are supposed to go next. What if the temple is that of higher consciousness and that is why “no evil will be allowed in”? Jesus mentioned that He would destroy the physical temple and make one without hands……

      1. No, I would not. There is a reason that Jesus came to earth for those wanting to follow Him. But it is a free will decision to go through a tribulation and see what He is truly offering by that sacrifice. “Be in the world, but not of this world”. Two worlds exist in present time, the higher and lower consciousness worlds. Don’t think that your needs can only be satisfied by living in the lower world only. But if a person doesn’t learn how to live in the new earth, then they are restricted to old beliefs and the lower consciousness game plan. That is why many people calling themselves Christians are not really believers at all, they still do everything in the old earth model. Without being taught through tribulation, a person will not be able to truly follow the way out and into the new earth. That is why the Kingdom is a higher consciousness world that won’t allow just everyone in, only those cleansing themselves and learning how to follow the rules to live within that consciousness level (a higher spiritual level of life). The old earth already exists for those who want to remain the same or at least very similar to what they know.”separate yourselves from them, and I will receive you”

      2. Good to hear. Yeshua was very clear when he talked about The Father meeting the needs of the sparrows and to KNOW That The ALMIGHTY will do the same for us. It’s amazing to me that people don’t hear this very illuminating truth. God is good. We just have to trust Elohim.

      3. I fully agree. That was the passage that allowed me to surrender fully when I became very frustrated at one time. I decided to see what would happen if I just stepped away and allowed life to take place. This is the beginning of the understanding of unity consciousness versus duality consciousness. Most people are too scared to let life fall apart in front of them, because they believe that they are actually in charge. The illusion of free will. The irony is that most people use free will to limit their life instead of allowing free will to develop their life as it was meant to.

  4. It’s fine to research, but everything must be measured against the Word of God. Once you are in higher planes, you are prone to have more entity contact…The spirit of the air and it’s minions will try to trick you and believe me, they are VERY convincing. I suggest throwing out anything that is new age or goes against The Bible. Get back to basics. Get back to the Word.

    1. I agree with more spirits will try to get involved. That is where a person must ask for spiritual protection from archangels and those they feel closest to. I always asked for Jesus and Archangel Michael to protect me and lead me with my guardian angel. The meditation on scripture to see what comes into my life is then done to teach me. A person will always have people brought into situations to mirror their needs and progress from there. I don’t really put labels about new age or aliens or the like. I ask for experiences and protection, and would expect the proper way to be shown to me, otherwise, this reality would not be one to return to anyway. I asked Jesus for salvation during a low point in my life and then surrendered and followed in response to angel type synchronicities, and I do seem to be having an experience that I’ve requested very similar to how I have had other life experiences.

      1. Same here.God is amazing and has given me spirtual supernatural blessings. But my problem is that I had a dream when I was about six years old. A Jesus candle spoke to me and said he was the devil. I also saw two of my mom. One was Satan and one was simply her. Apparently, I have major trust issues with God. Actually, I have trust for God…just a lying heart that keeps me in fear. But, when I don’t eat, or eat very little raw foods, etc…all that fear disappears. So I guess I will just starve until Kingdom comes. That’s my cross to bare. It makes me sad, but I don’t see another way. I love to eat!

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