Initiations – Walking the Spiritual Path

There are a total of seven major initiations that all human beings experience on their journeys toward wholeness. Initiations can be referred to as life tests􀀀 or 􀀀spiritual tests that are placed in our path for our soul􀀁s growth. These tests do not occur only once, but instead recycle around and around, bringing us to higher levels of awareness. We are always going through initiations, whether we are conscious of it or not. However, becoming conscious of these tests offers a quantum leap forward on our evolutionary journey. By progressing through these levels, we work ourselves toward higher consciousness which allows us to co-create our experiences that can lead to direct personal experiences that are found within the Bible.
Human who is unaware of his or her connection to own soul – has not stepped on the initiation path yet – still living entirely from 5 senses separate from God. This is the level that the majority of people are in. Many people would be surprised to know that just because they attend some sort of worship service, this still doesn’t really get them into the true initiations if they are still living entirely from their senses. Some people have progressed slightly into the initiations but are stuck at lower levels mainly because of lack of awareness on how to properly proceed through them. (Excerpts from pdf file)
      Allegory of the Cave     plato2
Symbolism of Solomon’s Temple





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