Resurrection from the Dead

“We look for the resurrection of the dead, and the life of the world to come.”
People need to work out of lower consciousness in order to save themselves. This is an individual seeking process that each must do on their own. During this period of “mixed” consciousness, some will show the way, but the work must still be done individually to resurrect a person’s Christ Spirit. After being on both sides, I don’t really see a way around not having to experience a personal tribulation in total surrender in order to have the change take place. Let’s be honest, people still walking around calling themselves Christians and giving away Bibles, just isn’t going to hack it. It might make them feel good, but they are still living in a 3rd dimensional lower state consciousness. Probably from misdirection and habit.
There will be 2/3rds of the population that just won’t make it. I am not expecting them to be of a resonance to actually read this article. If you are reading this, and Michelangel_giudizio_universale_Resurrezione_dei_corpinot laughing at it, then you probably are part of the 1/3rd that can make it. Do the math, the people in extreme karma killing each other lifetime to lifetime are part of the 2/3rds. Then it leaves a part that won’t be willing to give up their lifestyle that they are used to with wealth and family, to learn through a tribulation period and meet again in heaven (higher consciousness). Shameful because the parents are showing their children how not to be open enough to allow the true Gospel to be taught. They probably actually even ridicule making it that much harder for those around them to clear out that negative energy and bypass the lower state of living. There are those who have already made the change even though lower consciousness people will not recognize them. This is really starting to narrow the remaining group to those who want to continue physical life from an ascended viewpoint.
Start accumulating knowledge and be prepared to surrender to make it during physical life into your glorified body within a higher consciousness new earth reality. You should be well versed enough on the Bible to recognize experiencing it from a “living” viewpoint instead of just an intellectual one. It won’t matter if you are truly surrendering, because you will be led to what you need for personal understanding. At some point, we will all see who is left and residing in this higher consciousness state after others have been dismissed through many various ways. Understand a trial when it is presented to you, and follow into the spiritual ways of solving it instead of the natural state way of trying to cure something that is embedded within your subconscious and will recycle until passed. This will be the clearing aspect or what some will call being perfected.
It would be a nice thought if everyone would make it, but I will bet on prophecy and the Bible being correct and going with that expected outcome.





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