Behold! I tell you a mystery. We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed,

“Behold! I tell you a mystery. We shall not all sleep
(stay in our unconscious 3rd dimension consciousness),
but we shall all be changed”
(during a sincere tribulation period will ascend into 4th and 5th dimension unity consciousness when followed fully – body and spirit made whole)
 1 Corinthians 15:51





If we deliberately go on sinning after we have received the knowledge of the truth, no further sacrifice for sins remains, Hebrews 10:26
(Therefore, if you physically die while in lower consciousness, you will remain in sin and stay there – there will be no resurrection if it is not accomplished before final judgment, and it will be because of personal choice and not condemnation)
Many people are currently in the purgatory part of the world with the ability to still either go to heaven or fall into a deeper hell as time progresses. The only way out and into the Christ realm is to progress and become spiritually resurrected during physical life. After physical life, souls just move into the spiritual realm at the same level of departure which is a different realm from Christ if they are not at the unity level of spiritualism. Continue seeking if you are spiritually challenged to become whole in body and spirit. This will allow you to continue on into eternity with all the others who have done this including Jesus as the lead.


If a person feels the holy spirit resonating with this within them, then by sharing in an appropriate way, will also be a part of those that shine within the Kingdom. It takes all within the body of Christ to help fulfill prophecy during the end times for those still within a marginal state.






11 thoughts on “Behold! I tell you a mystery. We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed,

    1. Isn’t that the truth. I found out after I progressed, that many people just want the easy way out, and don’t really care so much about seeking. It did take years for me to understand why there has to be a separation between those who continue to seek the light, versus those happy enough in darkness. Until someone actually experiences what Christ promises and offers, they will never truly understand why people are willing to sacrifice time in tribulation to get there. This Gnostic teaching seems to me to be absolutely correct “One who is unwilling to undergo the pains of labor (tribulation) is unwilling to experience the joy of the birth of the Christ self (resurrection), and surely there shall be no birth without also the pains of the labor”. Yet people will work a job for many years with no meaningful way to advance, and waste their time in that, instead of just putting in the time instead towards increasing their spiritual wisdom that leads to a much better life once complete.

      1. What I found was that just as long as you have a goal in place, and always keep working towards it, then ways to fit it into “God’s way” will end up happening. If you have certain lessons to fight through, then they will come up over and over again until you pass them. Of course, the angels will always keep your attention to stay focused at points when needed, to keep you from falling out completely. Most people won’t see the angels because they are not truly committed to the surrender and follow game plan.

      2. I saw my angels. There were three of them. But I could only see them as light. One was light green, one was red and the other lavander white. They were all kneeling down the first time I saw them and they showed me a bunch of stuff. The second time, I saw the red one and he was doing something to my heart. Probably to fix it because my heart isn’t so good. But I did get the message to eat NATURAL raw food…. probably because of my bad health and I’m trying to get back to that. I feel bad, because I was angry after my encounter but then really elated once I accepted it. I still struggle with myself about it. I’ve read a lot of NDEs and some of it is like what I went through. I did see one angel in a dream as a very strong ‘man’ and recently I saw part of one in a vision but I couldn’t see his face…

      3. Do you have any Spiritual gifts. Yeshua said His disciples will not be affected by poisons and will be able to speak in tongues. Some people have healing ability, some people can be translated ( travel without vehicles ). I don’t want any gifts until I have perfect love. Do you have any Spiritual gifts?

      4. Yes, everyone who follows will be given a gift of some type. You probably already know that people will cross your path to help when needed. Some of these people will be far enough advanced to look into your akashic records to help you along your path. In my case, three different individuals told me at different times that I would go through a very religious experience, and was to find a way to help others along, since it is different from what the lower consciousness teachers are preaching. So during that process, I figured out what a focused tribulation would do to a person if they truly just completely surrendered. And yes, I did lose everything from that old life by doing that. The darkness on this earth, which I have found to be what will be considered Hell, once the permanent separation takes place, tries to tell people that they should just push through hard times and do whatever it takes to support a family, pay for bills, etc. This actually bypasses what tribulation is there to teach you. Jesus did state that a person who follows will be taken care of, people are just to afraid to let it happen. And this taking care of is always done differently than expected. This is the change between duality and unity consciousness which gets a person to the resurrection stage. Also, all of the false teachings from those only completing a partial tribulation and telling people to do that instead, leads a person down the wrong path. The abundance teachings are nothing new, they have always existed and always will if a person allows for it. The problem is that without enough spiritual knowledge, negative karma will always kick in at some point changing it back the other way again. Better to go through tribulation, get it out of the way, and then look at eternity from that viewpoint and energy level………But none of this takes place until someone is sincere enough to start the process, and then stays with it. “It would be better if they had never known the way to righteousness than to know it and then reject the command they were given to live a holy life.” I do look forward to working on other abilities I would like to accomplish once I feel the timing is right to work on them. That is why the internet is such a great tool. It does reach world wide with all those who are supposed to view something, the opportunity to do that, and then it will be up to them what they do with the knowledge.

      5. I don’t need Akashik records in this life. Just the Word. Anything super natural that has occured in my life is because I have obeyed, meditated and actually done what’s in the Bible. Especially the NT. I have yet for Yeshua and The Father to dine with me. I’ve seen Yeshua briefly in my dreams and in a recent vision ( He also showed me the Father through meditating. The Father is actually both male and female in Spirit and has a personality! Is beautiful and alluring and a treasure) but here He / Yeshua, speaks to me through the wind. Literally. I know that sounds crazy, but it gives me strength to keep going. My biggest enemy is me!.. the fear of the Adversary. Because I DO know what I’m in for, I’m basically dragging my feet…yet I pray that He doesn’t let me go. I am grateful for His enduring patience because if it were me, I’d be worn out. I certainly don’t want to die in my sin.

  1. In this lifetime I ended up being too grounded into the 3rd dimension. I guess I needed some help to push me forward. I worked at a large bank for over 20 years with a very comfortable life and family and never really worried about much. I find it very assuring when I meet people who are very advanced, so I can find spiritual goals to work on until I finish this life, although I am curious to see how some of the next energy shifts will come about. I understand that there should be two more major energy changes that will occur, with the last one needing people to understand how to completely surrender to get through to the other side. I am doing my best to be able to be in that group, since my guides seem to be pushing me into that direction. I am currently at the stage where I know everything will be fine, and at this point, it no longer matters to me whether I stay in this physical body or not anymore. I do think this dense state has many restrictions with it.

  2. I have read some of your material on this site and am interested because I have gone through a similar experience.

    I have some important questions:
    1. Why did you decided to name this site the Lucifer experiment?
    2.If you know that you must surrender to God’s will always and be led by him, how is it that you
    have created this site with a vast amount of information?
    3.And lastly, have you experienced any signs or omens from evil spirits? For example,
    noticing the initials of your name appearing on texts anywhere,
    colors like red or blue that confirm a thought,
    red cars following you,
    noises and sounds that correspond with the number 2 (for example someone taps twice or when they move they create a noise that repeats itself twice),
    signs that tell you to kill or die,
    and finally the number 6 or 666 appearing in many places.

    It would really help if you answer these questions, thanks.

    1. Very Good questions. I’ll do my best to answer them.
      Question 1. I have been on my path now for about 10 years. When I first started, I was reading some articles on astral projection which I thought would be kind of cool to do. I was married for 15 years with 3 kids at the time, and we attended christian services through our whole marriage, so this was something different that seemed to resonate with me. At that time, I read something about having your higher self help you in the process, so I wanted to understand how to ask for that help to see what would happen. Out of the blue, a person I talked to mentioned The Ancient Flower of Life, and how he thought I would appreciate it. The Lucifer Experiment was within this book, and it really resonated with me about being open on how this life works. Because of the way people tend to close themselves to certain labels and titles, I thought I would experiment with this blog to get a little more involved and kind of keep me going. Since this was my first huge breakthrough in my consciousness, I just decided to go with that name. I will say, that since then, I have established other sites to share with, for others who starting off might not be so open towards something with the Lucifer name attached to it. This one has drawn more international attention than the others that are more related to my Christian path, even though I now believe that there are many, many, ways of experiencing within higher consciousness. So it is more important to get going and go with the way that resonates with you.

      Question 2. I continually update this site, although I would say it is probably close to complete for what I wanted to share for this audience, outside of questions and comments. So once I started surrendering, over a two to five year period, I would say now that my higher self continued to guide me with items to help increase my consciousness. There is a verse in the Bible that says that for those who share, more will be given, so I just tried to share during these years in a way that always pushed me forward to find more things. Now, ten years down the road, I would probably say that this was my full focused tribulation that I was willing to share with others, so it was my gift given to me by spirit for anyone searching along these lines to possibly help with. I would never go out and start a church or preach on a corner, so this was just my way of sharing that I was being led to do for this period of time. I am now transitioning over to some other goals even though I will always help anyone asking for something along their path who asks. Any one in higher consciousness must do this, and speak their truth as clear as they can, but we are all on different paths and should try to find the gifts that are being given to us and then share them freely with others.

      Question 3. This is a good question. At the beginning of my search, I was trying to manifest certain goals into my reality, and found out that there is a good way, and a bad way to do it. This was the Christianity part that I was experiencing. So after a short period of time, I resonated with the white light protection and meditation that surrounds and protects me from lower consciousness energy. It really does take a while to get this into a person’s belief system after living in their fallen state life. So I have gotten to the stage now, where I truly believe that those evil spirits have to work on other souls who haven’t advanced to the levels that I am at. But I will say, that the first couple of years, I did see many of those things you speak of. I never see them now, but I have separated myself from that consciousness level, mainly by just allowing my life to be shown to me as I recognize it as certain goals become obtained. Some would say that this is the sheep and goat separation that occurs during complete surrender and following. You recognize those evil energies, and have found during your search, many ways of eliminating or avoiding them and the souls associated with them.

      Good luck in your path!! For those going the distance, it is difficult at times, but extremely rewarding towards the end of it!!

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